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tv   Headline News  RT  February 6, 2013 11:00am-11:28am EST

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anti-government fury flares into nazir after the assassination of a prominent opposition figure which some are blaming on the ruling party. and unprecedented report accuses fifty four countries of helping america's rendition program which included detention without charge and the torture of terror suspects . one of the german chancellor's main political rivals attacked policies claiming they've been simply too hard on the euro zone's weakest members. find out why greece could be the key battleground state in this year's german general election. and other starters orders russia get set to mark exactly a year to late stages what's become the most expensive olympic games in history we report from the host city of sochi.
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live from our new center here in moscow this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day in police have clashed with protesters and fired tear gas after angry mobs attacked the offices of the ruling islamist party thousands of taking to the streets across the country to protest against the government the public fury followed the assassination of the leading opposition figure chokri belaid with some holding the power elite responsible position is call for a general strike and for parties suspending their membership in the country's nor making body international relations professor mark almond says the government will be hard pressed to survive until the upcoming elections in june. tension between the opposition the ruling. the elections in a few months time in the two years since the revolution the economy and unity is in
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the nosedive i was there of january in addition to the tourist businesses be dramatically cut hotels until you have factories that used to supply components to european companies shot unemployment is rising to this it has been presented as the nearest thing to a success story there had been too much violence but unfortunately as i say these disappointments with the failure to make life better life are called worse and the sense that the research strict true that takes many people into an issue away from home to tension about the coming elections and whether we will get to those elections without a real political crisis on the streets and perhaps changing the power of one problem. is that it doesn't have many natural resources so that it's rather had neglected by the west as nobody has any great interest in trying to prop it up and so all of the policy is now in the nosedive and it's surrounded by recently tense hours to the east and south and it's getting no real help from the mall this
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is as you say we were trying to position. fifty four countries held washington detained transfer and sometimes even tortured terror suspects in secret cia prisons that's according to a top american in geo which has released the most detailed account yet of the notorious rendition program he's going to con as the details this is a very comprehensive report to have prepared by the open society foundations not only did they detail torture techniques that were used at cia secret prisons overseas the so-called black sites but also give a list of countries that one way or another participated in cia secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations including by hosting cia prisons on their territories detaining interrogating torturing and abusing it of angels assisting in a tour in the capture and transport of. so the list includes countries like afghanistan australia denmark djibouti huge of georgia turkey syria the united arab
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emirates the united kingdom's yemen italy and even iran and just in case you're wondering what iran is doing on the list here's what the report says a yemeni national hussein solemn mohammad almost thirty was captured by iranian authorities in tehran sometime after nine eleven two thousand and one and once was handed over to afghan authorities as part of a prisoner exchange and was held in cia detention in afghanistan so a list of fifty four countries there while president bush acknowledged that the cia had secretly detained about one hundred prisoners and this report alleges there were more the u.s. government has only identified sixteen quote unquote high value detainees italy is the only country where a court has criminally has convicted officials for their involvement in extraordinary rendition operations canada is the only country to issue an apology to the to an extraordinary rendition victim ma here are our who was rendered to and
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tortured in syria and only three countries in addition to canada and sweden australia and the united kingdom have issued compensation to extraordinary rendition victims this report is ripe with human rights abuses and it's clear that high ranking bush administration officials bear responsibility for authorizing human rights violations and yet no one was prosecuted because the u.s. government has classified everything related to its torture practices any accusation would be dismissed on state secrets grounds u.s. journalist and historian douglas valentine's as washington's anti terror measures are taking advantage of public fears and stalking them even further. it's worth arise by the u.s. congress by certain very important congress people who believe that they are reflecting the will of the american people in the wake of nine eleven there was a huge outcry in america for vengeance for the united states to prove for the government to prove that it was more terrible than the people who launched the nine
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eleven attack and so the congress believing that a reflect the will of the american people authorize the cia to do this since nine eleven the government has been able to maintain this attitude that it's required for security to commit crimes this is never been necessary before what it illustrates is that the government is more capable propagandizing the american people by exaggerating the threats that exist in order to perpetuate which probably is a state of emergency that really doesn't exist in which the government is able to portray the united states the greatest military power that ever existed on the planet earth and some of the person that's been bully. the truth is exactly the opposite it's predicted the outcome of this is general election in germany could be made to be swayed by the candidates differing approaches towards the greek economic crisis and going to merkel's main challenge of the country's former finance minister says
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she's being simply too harsh on athens. of the reports. the main contender to angola merkel in this year's general election the social democrat party's peacetime brooke has said this his vision for how to deal with the greek problem is to give greece a little bit more time and for everybody else around the world to be essentially willing to spend a little bit more money now that includes germany of course this goes up against what has been angola merkel's message all the way which is that it's all by austerity and by a sturdy alone and cutting that deficit. that greece can get itself financially back on its feet now what is interesting is that in the german elections we're seeing the key battleground becoming greece. now one of the reasons that we've seen the s.t.p. . jump on this is because essentially they smell blood he said himself after the most recent local elections which took place last month that's change was possible
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this year and in order and one of the reasons he can say that is his party is absolutely killing angle of merkel's coalition when it comes to domestic issues if you speak to the german people one thing they will all tell you what the vast majority will tell you is that they do support angola merkel's view when it comes to dealing with the euro crisis what we're now seeing is peacetime saying i'm going to challenge angela merkel on her own turf and put forward my own theory about how to deal with greece after years of preparation the sleepless nights and hard work russia has something to celebrate tomorrow the official countdown to the twenty fourteen winter olympics begins the games have already broken the record books becoming the most expensive ever staged hundred pharma reports on the changing face of the host city of sochi. piece by piece sot she's a limb picture rain is coming together work continues around the clock but with
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a year to go things are shaping up fast and the company in charge of construction has a simple message despite building everything from scratch russia will be ready and . we plan to introduce all the facilities before the games start training facilities are ready practically all of them of hosted test competitions all hotels in the olympic villages are in the final phase of construction being referred unfurnished the show jewels to open in the autumn we plan to complete construction long before the end of the year said personnel can train and managers can gain experience in providing a good service but it cheating this goal has come at a staggering price in these games is costing around fifty billion dollars making them the most expensive in the intake history they cost ten times more than the last winter games in vancouver and ten billion dollars more than the beijing summer games however the results can already be seen and they are impressive if you do
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take a quick look around you can see what money can buy at the center of the limping which is six pennies all within a stone's throw of each other to host the curling the skating and the ice hockey and this is the june in the crown the bolshoi i stay inside this fast hockey arena is pristine i'm ready for use it will stay to the under eighteen will championships in april when the team doesn't international events that will test all in the us before the games begin the cycle for thought she twenty fourteen is hot because the park is down by the blacks. i'm cold because all the alpine events or take place. forty kilometers away. it is a similar story there not much was here before but there are also couture resorts has sprung up from nowhere to become the home of alpine skiing. biathlon and cross-country courses have also been created along with the bobsled track and then
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there's something you can't fail to meet but if you make your way down the mountain will eventually come to hey one of the most dramatic sights at any winter olympics the ski jumping the larger ramp on the left hand side is for the men on the smaller one on the right is for the women he will be competing for the very first time in this event at an olympics next year. linking the so-called mountain and coastal clusters has not been easy over five hundred kilometers of road am rail lines have been laid and they have transformed sort she's infrastructure but the city mayor believing the region will reap the benefits for years to come. our residents are aware of the conditions they have to face during changes especially on this scale we certainly have many inconveniences because there's not a single street in sochi without renovation going on the roads are regularly dug up which causes traffic jams all the time however the residents are aware that it's necessary for their future
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a brilliant future. she has undergone huge change in just six years but the transformation is almost complete and the black sea resort believes it can and will deliver the games to remember this time next year and. a soft cheek. coming up in a couple of minutes a lack of medical care a public inquiries in goal for this health care system and a massive negligence and abuse scandal we'll bring you the details along with the accounts of witnesses shortly and all the stories we often this break.
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interviews intriguing story. intro. visit. he's continued britain's prime minister david cameron has formally apologized for the health care scandal surrounding a major hospital that's after a public inquiry on earth's ways of negligence and abuse cases at the facility involving hundreds of patients and reports claims of the ruthless mistreatment of those in need are increasingly being heard right across the country. my wife started hospital in september two thousand and eight to disaster to total chaos when you walk through the door of the world if you smell a. crime no staff available for. those who is left and the
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ridge. on the floor we've been there since breakfast on. the. line right for you see. maybe carry. the death of john's wife is just one of the many horror stories term from the now notorious stuff at hospital relatives say it was a lack of compassion on behalf of the staff that stripped many sick people of their dignity so much evil that sandy would describe the modesty. song. in the most horrible circumstances. no human being should have to go through what she went through julie baby's mother died at stafford in what she calls appalling circumstances but when she blew the whistle on the hospital's practice says she was faced with a cover up all the evidence was there that the hospital mid staffs was failing and
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yet the that was never shared with the public and i believe the same as in all the hospitals it's so much that a string of senior officials failed to take seriously data which showed the hospital significantly higher than average death rates relatives of over a thousand people never got to see them discharged from the hospital patients died needlessly off the suffering a catalogue of neglect left in their own excrement dehydrated and without painkillers it's the biggest scandal to hit the national health service in recent years but with budgets being slashed and red tape preoccupying hospital manages. health secretary is warning that there are little bits of stuff that dotted all across the u.k.'s health system the results of the public inquiry into the hospital's failings are expected to issue a damning verdict on the way the whole of the n.h.s. functions is soul destroying. that's
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a bit of stuff that every rat got to make say you know it's got to be made safe tomorrow because people can't continue to suffer but even with the glare of a public inquiry and the media spotlight it hasn't stopped last month that emerged that a four month old baby being treated for breathing problems was found with a dummy taped to his mouth to keep him quiet the nurse being investigated for the incident is the third member of staff at star to be disciplined in the last six months the hospital's chief executive has said we're sorry that despite the progress that has been made there are still some instances of care which fall below that which we want to provide sorry might be too late but the tide of public anger swelling campaigners say it's time for westminster to overhaul britain's beleaguered health service before any more lives and needlessly lost polly boyko r t stafford. or just
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a reminder you can stay up to speed with all the news from around the world by logging on to our website or dot com and here are some of the stories that are waiting for you there right now the ever watchful social network a new application is being developed for facebook which is able to track a user's location even when it's switched off oh and to boldly go a group of russian scientists take the plunge diving into a frozen lake of scraping from the corridor outside temperatures in the region of minus fifty degrees celsius the footage a much more for you waiting for you right now at r.t. dot com online all the time. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world talks to vo ip interviews true story to tell you.
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the arabic to find out more visit our big dog t.v. dot com. u.k. government is said to be considering the use of special black boxes to record people's internet activities all in the name of national security but the plans of god privacy advocates up in arms and the carvey deputy director of big brother watch organization says the proposal must be further started before being applied the u.k. government seems to think that it's necessary to monitor the communications of every person in great britain rather than actually looking for the people who are actually committing crimes that are going to drive those people further and further underground of the internet and they're only going to capture the the innocent and the incompetent as far as i'm concerned not by any means saying that communications data isn't important but when you have the director general of m i five talking about the evidence that was used to make this spill and calling it pretty horowitz
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assumptions that we've been made that the m i five obviously going to need this information and will react to this information if they saying that this bill isn't based on fact it's based on fun see full. imitations of facts and this is why we need to go and have a very hard look at this bill get more evidence have a a much further in-depth consultation to actually get the facts about what is needed and how it can be done. the last militant believed to be behind the deadly attacks on the moscow metro has been killed he was tracked down by special forces and in southern russia the thirty six year old began shooting when there was an attempt to detain him he was killed when officers returned fire officials say the man had accompanied one of the two suicide bombers onto moscow's metro back in march two thousand and ten twin blasts hit two over crowded central stations during the morning rush hour thirty nine people were killed and almost ninety were injured.
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there are some other news from around the world this hour the french military assisted by local militia has taken control over the last major city in mali to be held by islamist militants paris estimates several hundred rebels have been killed since the offensive began in the country last month while the advance has been swift some reports suggest the french led liberation campaign has also cause mounting civilian casualties the french foreign minister has hinted the operation may be over by march. but severe magnitude eight earthquake has struck near the solomon islands one of the half meter tsunami waves were triggered by the wake or i should say the quake and at least five people have reportedly been killed and several villages destroyed but tsunami warnings issued elsewhere in the south pacific and now being canceled governments would order people to flee to higher ground as a precaution. turbulence exploding engines a lack of fuel all of them a threat to a smooth flight and increasingly it seems drunk russian passengers cannot be added
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to that list in the last few days alone a number of planes have been forced to make emergency landings because of boozed up travelers putting people's lives at risk and others talk of a possible prohibition in the skies as artie said in a costco discovered. please make sure your seat belts are fastened the tray table is securely stowed and the passenger next to you is not intoxicated out of his mind passport ticket and alcohol of course there's a lot of there wasn't for have a drink on board but that doesn't stop many passengers if there's a will there is always a way to sneak that bottle on the plane. recently cases of unruly drunks have been springing up one after another one man attacked a police officer in the v.i.p.'s zone in a moscow airport thinking he was still in another country a different man if the four year old businessman on his way to the egyptian resort of god lit up a cigarette and literally hit back at a flight attendant who tried to stop him the confrontation spiraled into an all out
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brawl on board something you bring up on table one pretty much he was demanding something crazy he was forcing himself into a cockpit everyone was trying to hold him back and he was yelling let me and forcing his way into the pilot's seat. here's the catch though the resume normal in russia that would allow airlines to restrain much less to punish unruly customers in fact flight attendants technically are not even allowed to physically subdue anyone having a fit of rage on their plane and that doesn't fight over well with the country's main airline that used up national could mean we could buy them once our crews on board to be able to restrain such brash interest we need a law for that and we also an amendment to the current code which would allow not just their flag but all air carriers to be able to refuse service to bassan jurors who have created a problem on board passengers like to see on the leg honeymooners chris forced
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a plane heading for thailand to land in is that this time it was after their festive mood quickly soured and turned into a fight when a flight attendant told them to cut down on the liquor consumption. they stated two reasons for drinking fear fine and celebrating their marriage this type of emotional travel drinking has gotten russian lawmakers thinking very seriously so we not too distant future it seems passengers will be able to keep their emotions bottled up in moscow it in our team. and that brings up to date at the moment in a couple of minutes we'll be breaking the set with audience abby martin and i'll be back with a news team with more for you in just over half an hour from now stay with us. are you really yes are you one hundred percent. sure ok was
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